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  • Buying your first home?
  • Buying your next home?
  • Fixing up or renovating/expanding your home?
  • Renewing your existing mortgage?
  • Buying an investment property?
  • Need to use some of the equity you have in your home?

Before you talk to your bank, give me a call. I'm sure I can help you with your mortgage financing. Don't do this alone. We can work together to get your mortgage approved fast.

Together we can review your wants and mortgage needs. We can develop a plan that will meet your financing requirements. We will find the best rates available to you, with leading lenders. We will work together to get lenders competing for your business. Working together we will make this happen.

You know your financial situation. You know what you need. You've worked hard to get where you are. Now let me help you put it all together and make your real estate dreams come true. Let me work with you to get lenders competing for your business.

If the banks can't help you, or won't help you, that's no problem. I have connections with over 60 private lenders. They have different lending rules than the banks. Their focus is different. They can lend to you based on the equity you currently have in your home. Often with no income verification needed. They can even finance your mortgage if you have bad credit.