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Mortgage Review

One of the largest mistakes that many Home Owners make is becoming too passive when it comes to managing their mortgage. We all know that life can get very busy and sometimes it is easy to forget about home-financing until your mortgage is up for renewal.

However, mortgage maintenance is extremely important and it can save most home owners thousands of dollars in the long-run. Is the mortgage you have, still the best mortgage for you? is it the best mortgage for your current financial situation?

Home owners are not expected to constantly stay on top of mortgage changes, rates, and products. That is the job of a mortgage professional, like me. However, just as you maintain your health through regular visits to your doctor and dentist, I highly recommend an annual mortgage review.

Why should you get a mortgage review? It all depends on what’s going on in your life. An annual mortgage review is a good idea, but some other factors might make it worth your while as well. Things like the birth of a child, a divorce or a promotion can lead to big financial changes in your life. Anything that impacts your financial situation might indicate a mortgage review is in order.

Stay on top of things. A lot can change in real estate and the mortgage industry in a year. Some of those changes might make you thankful you have your current mortgage secured. Other things might make you wish you had done things differently. Those are the times for a mortgage review.